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This Week Playlist – 7 cracking new songs to feast your ears on


A slight difference to the playlist this week. I’ve had a few songs lurking for a while that I haven’t had a chance to post. They’re all great songs, just some of them were released in January and early February. Hope you enjoy.

Tallies – Mother 

Toronto indie-poppers Tallies released their self-titled debut album in early January, and Mother comes from that. It’s all jangly guitars and has a very catchy chorus. It reminds me very much of the La’s, but I think you can also hear The Smiths in the guitars and bass as well.

Makthaverskan – Demands 

More indie pop with female vocals, but this time from Sweden. Maja Milner’s vocals make this track. There’s plenty of urgency in the musicianship, but it’s her voice that defines the song and lets it soar and sweep down. There’s something slightly chaotic and punky in the track, despite the jangly guitars. Great stuff.

James Supercave – Alarm Will Sound 

A few years ago The Penguin got absolutely obsessed with Half Moon Run’s Trust, and Alarm Will Sound has so many of the same esquisite touches. Gentle sweeping electronics, a pace that feels gentle but is deceptively quickening, vocals that feel a little jarring until you realise how perfect they are. This is a really solid effort, superbly catchy and a very welcome return.

Yot Club – take care 

The Penguin was a big fan of Yot Club’s debut EP aquarium, which covered five songs in twelve minutes. take care was my favourite track on the EP, it’s full of hazy vibes and gentle instruments; it’s like the sun is setting on the best day of your life.

Ingrid Andress – Lady Like 

The Penguin hasn’t featured a lot of country music so far this year but this is rather good (and is also more towards the pop end of the country spectrum). This is Ingrid Andress’s debut release, although she’s written tracks for some big hitters, and it has a somewhat ironic title. I like the lyrics (Sometimes I forget not to talk ’bout politics, When I’m in the middle of me getting hit on) and the vocals are really interesting; they remind me in parts of Lorde. She’s currently touring on the C2C show.

The Chemical Brothers – We’ve Got To Try  

With a stunning return to form, We’ve Got to Try sounds like an old soul record that has been bastardised (in a good way), because that’s exactly what it is. Taking The Halleluiah Chorus’s I’ve Got To Find A Way and giving it some electronic rocket boosters, this is a very funky track that sounds like they’re dipping into some of their earlier works.

Lazybones – Fashion Victim 

“You!, You’re a Fashion Victim, Well what d’ya think about that” The Penguin isn’t known for being a trendsetter in the sartorial sense, but even he’d think twice if he had this song written about him. Fun, thrash-tastic and to the f*cking point, this is punk-influenced and all the better for it. The Brighton three piece recently released their Bang Bang EP, if you fancy listening to more.