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This Week Playlist (25th March 2019) – 6 cracking new songs to feast your ears on


Sofi Tukker – Fantasy 

Back in 2016 (man, how time flies) I fell in love with Sofi Tukker’s Drinkee. Since then they’ve released a fair few tracks, but none have really worked for me. But Fantasy is all sorts of fun; a dash of Euro pop, a smidgen of late nineties dance, a dollop of Lana Del Ray and hey presto: it’s a winner.

SYML – Wildfire

Seattle’s SYML releases his debut album in early May, and in anticipation has released the Wildfire EP. I’ve heard the track Wildfire before (I think it came out last year but in a different form) but it’s a very impressive track. Its classy pop music; beautiful, tender vocals – high pitched and very near falsetto – with oozing electronic production.

LEFTI – All Night 

Well this is a party. Somehow finding the sweet spot between the classic sounds of disco and funk, Brooklyn’s LEFTI gives us some proper slap bass, cowbells and a guitar part Nile Rodgers would be proud of. It’s like 1978 just wandered into your headphones and now you can’t stop smiling.

Tame Impala – Patience

The keenly anticipated return of Tame Impala is finally here and they don’t sound like anybody else. There’s a timeless quality to their music; this track could concievably have come from any of the past five decades. Patience sounds to me like you’re sat on a beach and there’s a shack not far away playing dance music; you get all of the vibes but there’s no heavy beat and the sun is just washing over you.

Strand of Oaks – Visions

Philadelphia-based Tim Showalter (aka Strand of Oaks) released his latest album (Eraserland) on Friday. Visions is one of the tracks on Eraserland and reminds me a lot of Foals in their slower more brooding work. It’s quite haunting with it’s eery backing vocals and menacing guitars; you find yourself clinging to the constant drumbeat for relief.

Vesper Wood – Descend 

From her recently released Instar album, Descend is an ethereal track that feels delicate and sad, yet entirely captivating. It’s the kind of track that, when you’re really listening, you don’t want to move or you’ll break the spell. There’s some lovely strings on there, but the production is suitably low-key to allow that rather splendid voice to take centre stage.