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This Week Playlist (5th March 2019) – 5 cracking new releases to tantalise your ears


Sigrid – Sight of You
A joyful four minutes of pop that could easily have been pinched from a musical. Monstrous strings swoop across the landscape, as the lyrics tell the tale of daily tribulations (“The airline lost my luggage, still got all this weight”) being overcome by the mere sight of her love.

Jonas Brothers – Sucker
I’ll be honest, I originally only listened to this song because of a curiosity of how bad it would be. How foolish I am. Sucker is well produced and takes the Motown sound we all know and love and gives it a sight modern tweaking, very much in the mould of Bruno Mars. They’ve even thrown in some whistling as well, and it’s damn catchy. Welcome back JoBro.

Art School Girlfriend – Bending Back
Art School Girlfriend released one of the best EPs of last year (Into The Blue Hour), full of electronic landscapes and superb vocals. She recently released a live EP with three tracks on, including this track (a single from 2017), recorded at the St Pancras Church in London (which is an amazing and intimate venue). I really like how Bending Back has space to grow and develop, how it all feels essential but never rushed. I can’t wait to hear more from her.

Four Tet – Only Human
A couple of weeks ago Four Tet teased on Twitter that the Nelly Furtado sample was cleared. Now we get the results. With a tempo and beat that would easily sit alongside his Eric Prydz remix, Only Human is a house track with all of little Four Tet tweaks and twists. The basic beat sits in the background as the vocals and other sounds get chopped and deployed at random intervals.

Catz ‘n’ Dogs, James Yuill – There
From the outside this has a melancholic vibe that brings to mind the Stone Roses. As it develops, you get some prominent acoustic guitar and more subtle keys in the background. But it’s the hypnotic percussion beats that help you drift along with the track.