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The Monday Bonus List: 10 songs we’re still loving


Every Sunday we post the Astral Penguins A List: our 10 favourite songs right now. It works like a chart and it’s always bloody hard to limit it t0 10 songs every week.

Which is where the bonus list comes in. These are the songs that we’re still loving, but have either dropped out of or fell slightly short of the A List.

Here are numbers 11 to 20 for your listening pleasure.

11. Otzeki – All This Time (Down 2; 3rd Week) 

From it’s opening hum and creeping bass, it has an eerie and agitating tone, which only increases as the organ noise and vocals kick in.

12. HOMESHAKE – Every Single Thing (Down 2; 2nd Week)

A shimmering r’n’b track with a disconcerting lo-fi meets synths dynamic. The vocals are impressive in their range and delivery, and yet it’s the cold aesthetic of the track that makes me want to keep this on repeat.

13. Cold War Kids – Love Is Mystical (Down 1; 2nd Week)

Love Is Mystical is a cracking blues-inspired indie pop record that explodes with excitement. From it’s opening piano to it’s awesome chorus, everything is a little off-kilter and distorted.

14. Pumarosa – Dragonfly (new entry) 

Creating etherial music with elements of pop, indie and dance, there’s a mystique to their work that few acts achieve.

15. Electric Guest – Back For Me (non-mover; 2nd week)

Back for Me skips along with a relentlessly upbeat tone, propelled by beating percussion and one of the funkiest bass parts around. Simple, catchy and really rather good fun.

16. Vnusamr – Runnin (new entry) 

A debut single rooted in modern r’n’b, but brave enough to incorporate touches of rock and pop. The sensual vocals are great, it’s superbly produced with teasing melodies throughout.

17. Incubus – Nimble Bastard (new entry) 

Nimble Bastard sees Incubus on strong ground; driving riffs and very little pissing around.

18. King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard – Sleep Drifter (up 2; 3rd week)

Sleep Drifter is the musical equivalent of being awake for 48 hours; everything is there but you’re not sure you can piece it all together.

19. Rudie Edwards – Lover Like You (down 3; 2nd week)


Lover Like You is an infectiously catchy disco pop track that immediately grabs you with its gripping bass and 80’s style production.

20. High Contrast – Shotgun Mouthwash (down 2; 2nd week)

Shotgun Mouthwash is a corking piece of electro punk. It’s full on from the get-go and is stacked full of attitude.

THIS WEEK PLAYLIST: 6 new tracks to tickle your ears


We kick off another week of music here on the Astral Penguins Blog with six new(-ish) tracks. There’s a much heavier feel to the tracks this week, with three rock tracks and a Sub Focus track with a dirty bass line. Hope you enjoy!

Jealous of the Birds, Ryan Vail – Love Is a Crow

“Love is a Crow that I hit with a stone”. That’s not your average lyric, and this collaboration between Ryan Vail – providing the pulsing electronic beats – and Jealous of the Birds – aka Armagh’s Naomi Hamilton – is a detour just off the main musical highway. It starts off feeling like a modern art project, before developing into the kind of dance music that would make sense if you’ve partaken in magic mushrooms for twenty years.

Sub Focus – Lingua 

Hey Sub Focus is back! This always welcome development is only enhanced by the fact that he’s returned an absolute tune in Lingua. Slower and more minimalist than a lot of his other works, Lingua sees him straying closer to dancehall and hip hop than his usual drum and bass.

Creeper – Black Rain

I’ve been keeping my eyes fixed firmly on Creeper, one of the most promising bands in the UK right now. They swap between pop, punk, rock and emo is seconds, and Black Rain sees them in regular shapeshifting form. One minute driving punk-ish guitars, the next a chorus that sounds like its from a rock opera.

Incubus – Nimble Bastard

Hey Incubus are back! One of the best live bands in the world – and a constant reminder of my teenage years – it’s always cracking to hear new Incubus material. Nimble Bastard sees them on strong ground; driving riffs and very little pissing around. They’re back to rock and that’s welcome in the Astral Penguins world.

Blood Youth – Reasons to Stay 

Melodic hardcore trio Blood Youth have produced a real balls-to-the-wall track in Reasons to Stay. A tale of a relationship ending in a complicated way, this will be an absolute monster live.

Halia Jack – Lover 

Hey, so you know when a friend – who never sends you music – all of a sudden drops you a Soundcloud link? and then in turns out they know the artist? man you really want it to be good if only to avoid an awkward conversation… that was me last week when the link to Lover came into the inbox.

And it is good. A distinct and impressive voice sings over searing strings on Lover. Halia Jack straddles the line between pop, r’n’b and a more soulful music rather expertly. Certainly one to keep an eye on. And my friendship still intact.