Thank you for visiting the Astral Penguins Blog. I started this blog to celebrate the music that I love. It comes in all shapes and sizes, genres and languages.

Music has an amazing effect on a lot of people. Good music can give you an emotional jolt or make you think, and Astral Penguins will be about celebrating those effects.

I have a few rules that I’m going to try and stick to:

  • I’m not bothered about being the first blog to ‘discover’ an act. It feels great to find an act or a song before others, but there are plenty of blogs that will do that (and write about it, forever). Instead I’m putting quality over speed. I want to know something is good before I champion it.
  • I am not bothered about genres. This is the hardest part about doing a blog; most blogs or music websites champion one or two styles of music and stick rigidly to them. It makes it easier for people to understand what a website/blog is about. But my musical taste doesn’t work like that. I love pop, I love dance, I love hip hop… I could go on. But if I like something, I’ll blog about it. Which brings me to…
  • This will primarily be about my reactions to music. Other websites cover interviews and the technical side of music reviews. That’s fine, it has its place. But Astral Penguins will be about trying to promote music I – and hopefully others – love, and explain why I love it (or in some cases, don’t love it).

If you want a good idea of what my music taste is like, then check out my Top 50 Records of 2016, which is here