Track of the Day: Mathame – Skywalking


Mathame – Skywalking

Italian brothers Amedeo and Matteo Giovanelli are better known as Mathame, and their latest single is ready to tear dance floors up.

Skilfully walking the line between earphone pleasure and crowd pleaser, Skywalking starts by building slowly. You get a good beat instantly, followed by some hi hats, but there’s a murky texture, with teasing sounds rumbling in and out for the first minute. It then starts to take off, like a young bird unsure how to fly for the first time, it stutters and teases and grows in confidence for nearly 90 seconds. And then we are off…

From a similar mould to Four Tet’s remix of Opus, Skywalking eschews the standard ‘big drop’ trope so familiar to dance music, and instead takes the listener on a journey through the clouds. Impressive work indeed.

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