This Week Playlist (25th Feb 2019) – 6 cracking new songs to feast your ears on


It’s an eclectic mix on the playlist this week. We have some dark emotive pop, hard-hitting UK rap exploring racial identity, a mellow dance remix that’ll transport you away, some very direct pop-punk, dirty rock music from Yorkshire and a Bonobo-collaborator once again going solo. Here are 6 cracking new songs for you to feast your ears on. 

  1. Tarantina – Heal 

The Penguin previously featured Tarantina’s last release earlier this month, and she’s surpassed herself with new song Heal. Delicate and fragile vocals barely hover above piano. There’s an almost claustrophobic sense of pain, as she repeats over and over ‘its hard for me to heal’. Tarantina will soon be hosting her first headline show at the Slaughtered Lamb in London, and you should check it out.

2. Dave – Black 

This came out on Thursday and already has over a million views on Youtube. Brixton-born rapper Dave is releasing his debut album on the 8th March and Black is the first single from it. It’s a hugely impressive exploration of racial identity and the lyrics are well worth considering in full. 2019 may just be his year for the taking.

3. Black Coffee, Guy Mantzur, Msaki – Wish You Were Here 

The Penguin loves a good sprawling 8 minute remix. Wish You Were Here is just a joy to listen to; mellow and meandering, you can lose yourself in the little refrains and laid-back vibes.

4. SWMRS – Trashbag Baby 

Taken from their second album Berkeley’s On Fire which came out on the 15th Feb, Trashbag Baby is full of jaunty jangling guitars and pop punk vocals. The conversational style duet is pretty direct, the opening line is “First off I hate you”.

5. Szjerdene – Restart

Bonobo-collaborator Szjerdene’s Restart is her first solo release since 2016. Her voice soars over a shifting landscape below, including some rather beautiful strings at one stage.

6. Blood Youth – Nerve 

It’s time for something a little heavier. Yorkshire rockers Blood Youth released their second LP earlier this month, and Nerve is one of the tracks on it. Full of disgustingly large guitars that’ll knock your false teeth out, there’s menace in this track from the opening notes. It brings to mind the kind of rock that I loved in the early 2000s, notably Korn and Rammstein. Great stuff lads.


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