The A List (24th February 2019) – the ten best new music tracks right now


Five new entries – including a number one – in this week’s A List, with Jessie Ware and Chaka Khan leading the charge. In addition, a few tracks have shot up the list including Sunflower Bean (in their final week) and Maggie Rodgers. This is also the final week for Anna Clendening. There’s a strong bunch of tracks ready to challenge the A List next weekend; remember to check out the This Week playlist on Monday and the Tracks of the Day to find out what could be number one next week. 

1. Jessie Ware – Adore You [New Entry]

Wednesday’s Track of the Day and produced by Metronomy’s Joseph Mount, Adore You is full of cold electronic shudders that – shouldn’t but somehow do – aid the sensual and devoted lyrics, Adore You is a pretty impressive coming together of Ware’s excellent vocals and production that really develops throughout the track.

2. Sunflower Bean – Fear City [Final week]

Fear City has an assured swagger. It sounds timeless; it could easily have been made in the 1990s or the 1970s, and it takes the essence of Veruca Salt and Joan Jett (and many other pioneers) and simply builds on that legacy.

3. Fakear – Nausicaa 

French producer Fakear has produced a collage of sounds that feel tribal, spiritual, enchanting and uplifting in equal measures. Listening to Nausicaa you’re transported away to a forrest, far from everyday life and surrounded by intrigue.

4. Chaka Khan – Like a Lady [New Entry]

Tuesday’s Track of the Day, Like a Lady’s production is on point. Plenty of retro vibes without feeling in any way dated; in fact this takes a funky disco sound and makes it feel like it’s totally 2019. But the reason the Penguin loves this track is quite simply because it is full of joy. It captures the dizzying joy and elation when you meet someone who sets your heart on fire.

5. Maggie Rogers – Burning 

Full of the joy of being in love, Burning combines the quirky dance of acts like Tune Yards and combines it with the power pop that Dua Lipa and others are banging out. It’s a winner.

6. The Amazons – Mother 

A cracking piece of grandiose rock and roll. With a similar stuttering start to Audioslave’s Cochise and a guitar riff that is big, dirty and rough enough to knock your teeth out.

7. ROMANS – Be Fine [New Entry]

Halfway through the second verse London-based artist ROMANS sings ‘How I wished we could turn back time’, which feels particularly fitting given the classic soul vibe he’s producing in this monster single. Beautiful vocals mask the depths of angst and sadness in the lyrics, this is an absolutely cracking record.

8. Cherry Glazerr – Ohio [New Entry]

Ohio’s scuzzy rock is reminiscent of the Pixies – possibly with a sprinkling of Nirvana – and the delicate vocals – so delicate they’re almost out of the mix –  remind me a little of Grimes. If that’s not enough, wait until your ears get walloped by the guitar…

9. Anna Clendening – Dead End [Final week]

Simple, effective, devastating. The sense of guilt, the shame the desire to be stronger – better – shine through in every line.

10. Foals – On the Luna [New Entry]

Foals have merged their earlier sound with the rockier numbers of recent albums. With strong guitars and repetitive keyboards, this is a track full of energy. Originally called End of Days, this is a tale of generational blame; trying to break out of this world – Trump references and all – a world he feels the previous generation have a lot to answer for.


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