Track of the Day: Chaka Khan – Like a Lady


Chaka Khan – Like a Lady

If you’d have asked the Penguin in December what the odds were that within two months the Penguin would have selected two Chaka Khan songs as Tracks of the Day, he’d have very aggressively politely suggested you go and join his former colony in the Galapagos…

Yet here we are. In January the Penguin selected Hello Happiness as the first Track of the Day for 2019. Now – following the release of her latest album on Friday – the Penguin is here heartily recommending Like a Lady.

The production for this is on point. Plenty of retro vibes without feeling in any way dated; in fact this takes a funky disco sound and makes it feel like it’s totally 2019.

But the reason the Penguin loves this track is quite simply because it is full of joy. It captures the dizzying joy and elation when you meet someone who sets your heart on fire.

Throw in Chaka’s cracking voice, some random strings and then some weird 80’s video game space noises (I don’t know how to describe it any better) and you’ve got an absolute banger.

Seriously, check it out. And let me know what you think:



One thought on “Track of the Day: Chaka Khan – Like a Lady

  1. I absolutely love this song. Every word, every nuance and every sound. It’s a masterpiece for sure. Addictive like anything you can get hooked on. Pure bliss. ♡♡♡♡


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