Hello to the new readers / how it works around here


A very brief post this morning, simply to say welcome to those who have found this blog in the past few weeks, and a thank you to those who have gotten in touch (say hi on Twitter or drop me an email: astralpenguinsmusic@gmail.com)

The Penguin works in a bit of a cycle. On Monday I post the This Week playlist, which is a selection of the songs I’m listening to at the moment and enjoying.  Then on Tuesdays-Thursdays I post some of the songs that have really caught my attention – and affection – in our Track of the Day selections.

On Sundays I post the A List, which is our weekly chart of the best top 10 songs around right now. It’s super geeky and there are silly rules (like songs only being allowed on the chart for 3 weeks) but I think the quality of the music on there speaks for itself.

Fridays and Saturdays are often a little quiet, although I intend to change that. There are also other features that pop up every now and then, but that’s more to do with when the Penguin has both an idea AND free time. Which is not always. I have to go fish for food and check on my very successful biscuit business.

Anyway, that’s just a guide to how it works around here. It’s all about music and passion, and hopefully you’ll discover something you’ll like along the way. And if I’ve missed something and you have a tip, drop me a line on the email above.


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