This Week Playlist (18th Feb 2019)



Here are eight cracking new tracks for you to enjoy. They’re a bit varied this week, with pop, hip hop, rock and soul all featuring. There’s also a distincly political vibe to two of the tracks. Enjoy! 

Cherry Glazerr – Ohio 

I haven’t yet had a chance to listen to Cherry Glazerr’s recent album, but if Ohio is anything to go by then I’m in for a treat. It’s scuzzy rock that’s reminiscent of the Pixies – possibly with a sprinkling of Nirvana – and the delicate vocals – so delicate they’re almost out of the mix –  remind me a little of Grimes. If that’s not enough, wait until your ears get walloped by the guitar…

Ariane Grande – break up with your girlfriend, I’m bored 

So I heard this a week ago and it was instantly a hit in my world (I’ve had the chorus going through my head for a week) but I wanted to listen to the album before posting it. Well in that week it’s gone to number one in the UK. You snooze, you lose. A huge improvement on previous single 7 rings, buwyg,Ib (as no one is calling it) is full of slick production with elements of 90s r’n’b (I haven’t checked the tempos, but it feels like it’d make an awesome mashup with TLC’s No Scrubs) – and touches of modern hip hop. It’s a pop banger from the current master.

ROMANS – Be Fine

Halfway through the second verse London-based artist ROMANS sings ‘How I wished we could turn back time’, which feels particularly fitting given the classic soul vibe he’s producing in this monster single. Beautiful vocals mask the depths of angst and sadness in the lyrics, but this is an absolutely cracking record.

Mindchatter – Blood

The Penguin has previously covered Mindchatter’s first release (Trippy) earlier this year, and Blood follows hot on its heels. Blood feels like a bossa nova waltz has been transported via Thunderbird 4 to an underwater city. Its almost unsettling, nothing is quite what is seems, and there’s a venomous streak running through it.

Maisie Peters – Stay Young 

Stay Young has a clear folk heart, an electronic beat and a proper pop chorus. There’s a lovely innocent and carefree feel to the track, supported by the relatively minimalism of the music arrangement, and Miss Peters has a lovely voice as well.

Foals – On the Luna

The second single from their forthcoming album, Foals have merged their earlier sound with the rockier numbers of recent albums. With strong guitars and repetitive keyboards, this is a track full of energy. Originally called End of Days, this is a tale of generational blame; trying to break out of this world – Trump references and all – a world he feels the previous generation have a lot to answer for.

Vok – In the Dark 

With an album of the same title due on March 1st, Icelanders Vok have pulled together a fun pop track with a cracking chorus. “I better toughen up…” 

Offset – Red Room

Georgia resident Offset’s – long awaited – debut album is set to drop on Friday and the title track Red Room promises some serious storytelling. Embracing the in-vogue auto-tune/vocoder vocal style, there’s brief snipped of his car crash, gang life, domestic struggles and musical success.


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