This Week Playlist: 6 great new songs


Every week the penguin feeds you 6 new tracks to digest and enjoy. We also have three corking tracks coming up in the next few days, so keep your eyes out…

Lucy Rose – Solo(w) 

Anyone who follows Lucy Rose on Twitter will be familiar with the lyrics to Solo(w), as she’s been posting them for the past few weeks. Her last single was one of our tracks of the day, and the latest single from new album No Words Left (out on March 22nd) is of a similar quality. Heartbreaking and beautiful, it sounds like the end of the night in a jazz club, as you gently sob into your fifteenth martini. It feels like Rose has really found her stride.

Fakear – Nausicaa 

Well this is just an absolute delight for the ears. French producer Fakear has produced a collage of sounds that feel tribal, spiritual, enchanting and uplifting in equal measures. Listening to Nausicaa you’re transported away to a forrest, far from everyday life and surrounded by intrigue.

Maverick Sabre, Jorja Smith – Slow Down 

With a new album – When I Wake Up – out on the 22nd March, Maverick Sabre has returned with a cracking duet. It’s soulful, sultry rich and brimming with chemistry.

Maggie Rogers – Burning 

Rogers released her album Heard It In A Past Life in mid January and Burning is one of the tracks on it. Full of the joy of being in love, Burning combines the quirky dance of acts like Tune Yards and combines it with the power pop that Dua Lipa and others are banging out. It’s a winner.

Grace Carter – Heal Me 

Brighton’s Grace Carter has delivered a rich and textured pop track, big chorus and all. This feels like she’s taken a Sam Smith track and inverted it, with a powerful individuality at its core.

Charlene Soraia – Beautiful People 

I hadn’t heard anything by Lewisham native Charlene Soraia before I stumbled across Beautiful People last week, but I’m now very much looking forward to getting stuck into the album and I’ll be keeping a close eye out for future work. This track is simple, comprising only vocals and guitar, but it haunts you with it’s refrain of ‘I can’t keep on like this’.






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