Track of the Day: Anna Clendening – Dead End


Anna Clendening – Dead End

“I don’t know whats worse
That you walked in my room smelling like her perfume
Or that I called you first”

Sometimes pop music can be devastating. Sometimes lyrics just jump out of a song and into you, where you feel every emotion the songwriter felt.

North Carolina native Anna Clendening has penned some masterful lyrics for Dead End. Simple, effective, devastating. The sense of guilt, the shame the desire to be stronger – better – shine through in every line. I was particularly struck by:

“You lie in my sheets then lie to my face
I lie through my teeth and say I’m okay”

Dead End is a pithy two and a half minutes and the minimalist production lets the lyrics shine. She also has an EP ‘waves’ out on the 22nd February, which I’m very much looking forward to.




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