Track of the Day: Plastic Mermaids – Floating in a Vacuum


Plastic Mermaids – Floating in a Vacuum

2019 is not even a month old and I’m pretty sure I’ve found what will end up as one of my favourite songs of the year.

Plastic Mermaids made my top 3 last year with the splendid 1996. Previous single Alaska made my top 5 in 2016. They somehow have a knack of producing pop music that is heartbreaking, intriguing, fun and musically innovative. And their videos/visuals are a cut above pretty much every other band at the moment; you can see it’s their hard work and soul powering their art.

I first heard Floating in a Vacuum on Friday, and two things happened almost simultaneously. I immediately sent a link to two of my best friends (there’s a third best friend, but he has no music taste, so was excluded from the message) with the brief description ‘F**k me. This is glorious.’ Secondly, I started crying.

From the orchestral introduction to the playful synths, this is a track that grabs your attention. But it’s the vocals, and the chorus that really gets me. There’s something deeply sad and realistic living within the simple words, well beyond the alien visuals and space vibes. “the gravitational pull, only gets stronger, and every time that we fall, it hurts even longer, somewhere up in the sky, we float like a feather, but we just live out our lives, trying to hold it all together.” It’s a message of quiet stoicism. And it really, really got me.

The good news is that their debut album SUDDENLY EVERYONE EXPLODES is now available for pre-order, and they’re playing London in March. You really should be checking these guys out, they’re a cut above.




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