Track of the Day: Me & My Toothbrush – Just Release Me 


Me & My Toothbrush – Just Release Me 

Every week I make my way through a (digital) pile of new singles and desperately hope one makes me jump up and dance. Just Release Me was last week’s winner.

This is a supremely catchy dance track from Zurich-based – and bizarrely named – Me & My Toothbrush. I loved the build and dip, the guitars that keep it bopping along and the nu disco vocals. My only criticism of the track is that I’d like a proper 5 or 6 minute version.

The drop at around the 55 second mark is predictable, and yet oh so good. Full disclosure: on first hearing this drop I laughed and started waving my arms in the air with joy.

So give Just Release Me a whirl, you’ll have fun.


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