This Week Playlist [January 21st]: 5 brand new tunes


Another Sky – Tree (Live at Hackney Road) 

I saw former Goldsmith Uni students Another Sky listed on a few websites and blogs I respect as a band to keep an eye on, so last week I checked them out. This live track was released on New Year’s Day and oscillates between haunting and enchanting. The most striking feature of the track is Catrin Vincent’s voice, which sores (?) above the – mostly – mellow instrumentation. Its a hugely impressive voice, and having spent a few hours pondering I can’t immediately think of an obvious comparison. Irrespective, this is a really intriguing track that reminds me of early London Grammar and I look forward to future works from the band.

Mindchatter – Trippy 

Trippy is probably the most apt song title of the year so far. This track has some wonderful production throughout, taking modern hip hop and r’n’b production, inverting it and giving it a low key vibe, not unlike what HOMESHAKE produces. Trippy reminds me of scuba diving, where time slows down and you simply marvel at everything around you. I can’t find much biographical info on Mindchatter but this seems like a debut release, which makes it all the more impressive.

Priests – The Seduction of Kansas 

Post-punk four-piece Priests have featured on the blog before, all the way back in February 2017.  They’re back with the riotously danceable The Seduction of Kansas, which brings back memories of the LCD Soundsystem/The Rapture era of indie music. An album of the same name is due to be released in April.

Grimes, HANA – We Appreciate Power (BloodPop Remix) 

I’m a huge fan of Grimes and there’s little in her back catalogue that I don’t enjoy. Yet towards the end of 2018 she was involved in two songs, a duet on Poppy’s album and her own We Appreciate Power. Both were rockier than most of her previous work, and they didn’t quite click with me. The rock element seemed a little faux, not a feeling you associate with Gimes, who is usually so good at the authenticity of whatever she’s doing. My anxiety increased when I saw that she’s a guest star on the forthcoming Bring Me The Horizon album, out on Friday.

BloodPop have taken the original We Appreciate Power and given it a very different spin. Gone are the gruff guitars and the vocals are brought to the fore. I feels it’s a much clearer insight into Grimes’s vision, of a dystopian AI controller world (“Pledge allegiance to the world’s most powerful computer, Simulation is the future”). And I think the dance twist makes this a much stronger track than the original.

Alfredo Rodriguez, Pedrito Martinez – Super Mario Bros 3 

Something a little bit different to finish on. The Cuban duo of jazz pianist Alfredo Rodriguez and percussionist Pedrito Martinez have taken on a classic theme tune for any gamers out there and given it a pretty awesome spin. It’s well worth three minutes of your time, whether you’ve owned several Nintendo consoles or not.



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