Track of the Day: Subjective – Rift Valley


Goldie, James Davidson, Subjective – Rift Valley

Today’s track of the day comes from dance legend Goldie’s latest project, a collaboration with James Davidson known as Subjective.

The pair released an album last year entitled Act One – Music For Inanimate Objects, which I have to confess completely passed me by. However Goldie’s statements about the project are intriguing, talking about having no boundaries for the music, and the influences playlist they’ve put up on Spotify is certainly an intriguing collection of songs.  [Note: I’ve spent 25 minutes trying to get the playlist embedded on here, and either Spotify or WordPress refuses to help – sorry!]

Rift Valley is a really captivating track that is best played in the dark. The best description I can give is that it’s like you’re dreaming after smoking pot. Everything feels captivating yet entirely elusive.

There’s rumbling, hypnotic percussion that’s there but never intrusive. Terri Walker’s breezy vocals sing “I just wanna be free, Something to believe in, There ain’t no devil in me” but are gone before you’ve really registered they were there.

You’ll just keep floating in sweet and intriguing reverie.


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