Track of the Day: Daniel Trakell – Paradise


Daniel Trakell – Paradise

Australian singer-songwriter Daniel Trakell is releasing his debut EP this month, and Paradise is the third single from that EP. It’s one of those tracks that you really need to give a few listens to.

Paradise falls somewhere on the country music/folk border, perhaps slightly inland on the latter. Underpinned by acoustic guitar with room for some slide guitar and horns, the Paradise it conjures up is one of hills and vast landscapes.

Yet it’s a slightly uncomfortable feeling listening to Paradise, for all it’s Simon & Garfunkel splendour, there remains an apprehension. It is perhaps best described using the impressive dual quality of the vocals, they are both beautiful and eerie at the same time. The song is both speaking of a paradise that is tangible and truly beautiful in the present, but also of a place that has yet to come in the afterlife. As he sings:

While I dream 
I dream of when the days of holding back 
And all this talk can cease 
Oh I dream 
About a place where time it goes to rest 
And we can be at peace 

You can follow Daniel here. Let me know what you think of Paradise (



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