Lend Me Your Ears

Lend Me Your Ears




Your best friend asked if I was straight or gay
I can understand the question when I dance this way.
– Washington Square


The Correspondents @Brixton Jamm 11.02.17


With his completely shaved head, John Lennon glasses and tight lycra bodysuit, Mr Bruce certainly cuts a striking figure. And that’s before you see him move – all high knees and trailing arms as he flamboyantly twirls and jives his way back and forward across the stage. His outrageous dance moves are the driving force behind his notable stage-presence, and the manic energy he brings infallibly drives the crowd into a rambunctious frenzy. He serves as the frontman of The Correspondents, somehow catching his breath between skank-outs to hurl forward a stream of highly rhythmic, witty and eccentric lyrics.

Fear and Delight


The Correspondents themselves sit on that middle ground between DJ set-with-frontman and full blown live band, sometimes pulling in support from a live drummer and brass section, but this night at the Brixton Jamm they were stripped down to the core duo, Mr Bruce himself and beats-man Chuckles. Chuckles was responsible for providing the backing to Mr Bruce’s half-insane capering, and he did not disappoint, delivering a raft of playful skiffles, bassline wobbles and big beats. When asked by friends to define the Correspondents’ sound, I had to settle on the term electro-swing, but their constantly changing style has more than a few echoes of drum and bass and dubstep that keeps the energy levels constantly overflowing and the crowd asking for more. Big tunes of the night included the signature jaunty swing of Washington Square, the driving bassy electro-funk of What’s Happened to Soho, and sing-along crowd favourite Fear and Delight.

You Turn Me On


Worthy of mention too were the supporting act My Bad Sister, who warmed up the crowd superbly with their perfectly choreographed synchronised dance moves. The two front-women, identical twins, pitched their act provocatively somewhere between a power dance and a strip-tease. Dressed in glittering faux-police-officer gear, a good deal of which seemed to come off during the performance, they shuffled and skanked their way through a backing track largely composed of driving UK Bass of the sort that South Londoners know and love.

You Turn Me On Too…


All told, the night was a great success, bringing together friends from across the city and beyond for a showcase of what Brixton nightlife is all about. High-octane live performances, venues Jamm-packed with late-night revellers, and big, bassy sounds to keep the customers satisfied until the early hours of the morning. Who needs Soho anyway?




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