Track of the Day: Ibeyi – Lost In My Mind


Ibeyi – Lost In My Mind

French-Cuban sisters Ibeyi made waves in 2015 with their self-titled debut album. Their sound was certainly different; often combining hip hop style beats and production with gorgeous soulful vocals and harmonies. I had the pleasure of seeing them in London back in November 2015 there were moments of spellbinding beauty that evening.

Now they’re back with Lost In My Mind; a sparse, beautiful and affecting track that speaks of loneliness and isolation. “My pockets are empty, I’ve been robbed by the streets, That shine gold, busy, and cold when I’ll be there, I feel so alone in this city, Looking for your heart when the streets are empty” goes the second verse, mirrored by a minimalist backing track of infrequent piano and stripped back beats.

It’s a track that lingers with you. It ends with a more positive – or is it pleading? – feel, but throughout you feel there’s a deep sadness that inspired it. It’s great to have Ibeyi back and here’s hoping for more material in 2017.




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