Track of the Day: High Contrast – Shotgun Mouthwash


High Contrast – Shotgun Mouthwash  

Welsh electronic producer High Contrast has returned with a new track for the Trainspotting T2 soundtrack, and its a bit of a monster.

Shotgun Mouthwash is a corking piece of electro punk. It’s full on from the get-go and is stacked full of attitude. “A shotgun is a good substitute for mouthwash” adds the vocalist, in a sarcastic and witty addition to a track that feels like it owes a debt to Iggy Pop.

It seems like a new album is on the way from High Contrast and, if it has other tracks with the energy and mind-blowing qualities of Shotgun Mouthwash, then it could be one of the best releases of 2017.

You can follow High Contrast here and let me know what you think of Shotgun Mouthwash (



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