Ramblings: on Estrons, King Nun, Husky Loops and live music


No sooner am I done blogging about the first gig of the year than the second one arrives. Tonight I’m off to see the rather brilliant Estrons at the Boston Music Room in Tufnell Park.

Last year gig-buddy Matt introduced me to the latest love of his life: Cardiff – dirty – rockers Estrons (which means aliens in Welsh). They blew me away on both occasions we saw them last year and two of their tracks – Belfast and I’m Not Your Girl – made my top 50 for 2016.

They’re a blisteringly raw band with elements of post-punk, rock and indie. Frontwoman Tali is a captivating performer but every member of their band adds to their wall of rage. I have my fingers firmly crossed for an album in 2017.

Fortuitously they’re supported tonight by two bands I’ve been wanting to see live. Husky Loops currently sit at number 5 in our A List with latest single Fighting Myself and I’ve heard really good things about their live shows. Similarly I was hugely impressed by the two singles that King Nun released last year, so am looking forward to checking them out.

There’s a lot of very strong British bands making their way steadily into the music scene at the moment and it’d be great if any – or all – of these three can lead another generation of British rock acts into the mainstream.

One of the rules I set myself when I started this blog was that I wasn’t going to review gigs because I don’t want to change the experience – and joy – I feel when I see live music. I’m not looking to be critical when I see bands live; it’s a night out and I see no reason to feel apprehensive during a gig because I might not remember some detail or another.

However, we do want to cover live music in a number of ways and I’m hoping that we’ll have a new columnist starting next week to share thoughts on gigs and club nights. Stay tuned for that.

Until next time,



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