Track of the Day: Magana – Pages


Magana – Pages

Pages is the new single from Magana – Brooklyn’s Jeni Magana – released to coincide with a US tour. Magana’s usual sound is described haunting alternative pop; whilst Pages is certainly haunting -and haunted – with its strong guitars, prominent percussion and heavier sound, it falls more into the indie/rock spectrum.

Twinged with sadness, Pages is the end of a story which seems to have come to an abrupt and not entirely mutual ending. There’s a bitterness that hijacks the lyrics at time, with an almost cathartic pain to the screeching guitar solo.

It’s the end and it feels unjust, but maybe – just maybe – that’s empowering in its own way; maybe it’s time for a new story. A new dawn lurks, but it’s light has yet to spread.

It’s a strong track and I’ll be following Magana with interest from now on. You can follow Magana here and let me know what you think of Pages (


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