Track of the Day: Otzeki – All This Time


Otzeki – All This Time 

Otzeki are two cousins hailing from London who are reshaping the electronic pop sound. They made my Top 50 of 2016 with Falling Out, which I described as hailing from the ‘same sweet spot where electronic meets downbeat indie that The XX have dominated for the past half-decade’.

They’re back kicking off 2017 with their new single, All This Time; a track that sounds like it was designed to be the theme tune for one of those big budget HBO thriller/horror programmes. From it’s opening hum and creeping bass, it has an eerie and agitating tone, which only increases as the organ noise and vocals kick in.

The most pleasing part of All This Time is that it never settles into anything familiar or formulaic. It’s coherent, yet always adapting. Give it a listen: let it crawl all over you.

You can follow Otzeki here and let me know what you think (



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