Ramblings: on illness, catching up plan and the Black Madonna residency


A week ago I put together the A List and said I’d be back the following day with the This Week column and the Bonus List. I lied.

I was feeling pretty terrible at the time – so I should have known better – and I’ve been suffering with a chest infection for the week. I’m feeling better now, but apologies that blogging had to stop for a period.

We’ll be back on track this week. George has three album reviews to post, I have some cracking songs to share and we’ll be back on form.

The A List will go up as normal this evening. I’ll also post the songs that would have been on the This Week Playlist later today, as well as a new one – as normal – tomorrow. That seems like the easiest way to get back up to speed.

Finally I mentioned last Sunday that the Black Madonna was teasing a new UK announcement; she’s announced a residency at XOYO in East London. Given I live about ten minutes away from that club, I’m pretty excited. I’ve already bought three sets of tickets. If you get the chance to go and see her, you should. It’s going to be awesome.

Until later…





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