Track of the Day: Tall Tall Trees – Freedays


Tall Tall Trees – Freedays 

Psychedelic-infused indie folk – with a banjo.

I think I can officially feel like I’m a geeky music blog now that I’ve used that particular description. And yet, its entirely accurate.

Freedays is the title track of Mike Savino’s (a.k.a. Tall Trees) album, due in February. It sounds like a product of vast and hazy country landscapes, and would comfortably sound at home alongside records by Fleet Foxes and Jonathan Wilson.

Freedays has a rather wonderful and delicate quality; it’s like trying to recall a childhood memory that, initially it isn’t as strong as it used to be, before it floods back but with some of the finer details still unclear. It feels vintage and old-fashioned; yet reassuringly familiar. A momentary sensation of clarity before it eludes you again.

I’ve listened to this a lot in the past week and I like it very much.



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