Track of the Day: Jaakko Aukusti – What If All Else Fails?


Jaakko Aukusti – What If All Else Fails? 

If you were to provide the perfect soundtrack to a film of a snowflake descending to the ground, it would almost certainly be What if All Else Fails? by Jaakko Aukisti.

It starts off delicately; gentle keyboard noises and falsetto vocals that are so fragile they feel like they could be broken with anything too abrupt or brash. On first listen the vocal style brings to mind Mew, who coincidentally released a new single yesterday and announced a UK tour.

As the snowflake gains momentum and speed the pulsing synths enter; joined by the gentle drumming. Then we reach the final stage; the snowflake is thrown in different directions by a storm of increasing menace, with the drums and synths roaring forth.

It’s obviously not a song about a snowflake. But Finnish multi-instrumentalist Jaakko Aukisti is undoubtedly inspired by the natural environment (previous song titles: Mountain, Himalaya, Oasis) and What if All Else Fails? has all the icy and bare elements of any great Northern European glacial landscape.

I like this a lot and – with an album due later this year – will be tracking further releases with interest.

You can follow Jaakko Aukisti here and let me know what you think (


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