Track of the Day: Maria Andersson – Runaway


Maria Andersson – Runaway 

Today’s track hails from Sweden, which has made writing any biographical information a challenge as my Swedish is only slightly somewhat worse than my English.

From what I can gather, Maria Andersson was the lead singer in an all-female indie band called Sahara Hotnights, however it seems she is now branching out on her own with a couple of singles being listed from 2016 and now Runaway, her first release in 2017.

Runaway is an ear-worm. The Swedes are notoriously brilliant for writing catchy hooks and melodies, and on first-listen Runaway has a reassuring familiarity to it.

It has a hard-to-place quality; it could easily be a record by an indie pop band, a girl group, or a country star looking to crack the pop market. It’s certainly pop; but pop that is elegant, simple and really rather charming.

The cheerful delivery betrays the downbeat tone of the lyrics and whilst it isn’t a revolutionary step for music, it’s an effective and well-crafted song worthy of a wider audience.

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