Track of the Day: Alice Jemima – No Diggity


Alice Jemima – No Diggity 

Something a little different today. A cover of a classic r’n’b tune.

Alice Jemima first crossed my radar last year when (fellow music blog) Breaking More Waves showcased the hypnotic Liquorice. Not unlike sweet popcorn, there’s something more-ish about her (sweet) vocals and stripped-down style.

Cover versions are very much my musical marmite; I either love or hate them. A good cover can take something incredibly familiar and give it a whole new meaning. One of the regular features I want to do on the site is championing great cover versions – and highlight the bad ones.

The Blackstreet original was is an absolute tune. Sexy, teasing, and full of strut, it seemed to be everywhere back in 1996. So I give a lot of credit to Alice Jemima, who – to my ear – has removed the strut of the original and replaced it with a delicate ambiance. It’s still teasing and sexy, but in a dreamy, reserved-but-suggestive style. 

You can follow Alice Jemima here and let me know what you think ( 




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