Track of the Day: Esther Joy Lane – Ever Ever


Esther Joy Lane – Ever Ever

Early in 2016 a (sadly no longer active) blog pointed me in the direction of Esther Joy Lane. Her then single, Quest For Her Master was an intriguing track that hit you with contradictory sensations; like one of those hot tubs at ski resorts (disclaimer: I’ve never been to a ski resort in my life) it was both warm and cold at the same time.

I’ve been waiting patiently for a follow up and it arrived very recently. Ever Ever starts off on familiar terrain for Grimes fans, which is certainly no bad thing. But it then takes a different path; meandering between synth pop, electronica and dance. It creates similar sensations to Quest For Her Master, and I’ve really enjoyed pairing listens to this track with the brisk air London has experienced this week.

I think this track demonstrates a really interesting artist who is finding her distinct sound and becoming increasingly confident. Hopefully other tracks will follow soon.

You can follow Esther here and let me know what you think of the track (


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