Track of the Day: LOYAL – Moving as One


LOYAL -Moving as One

Back in September I had the pleasure of seeing LOYAL play (Radio 1 DJ) Phil Taggart‘s Slacker club night. They didn’t have a lot to say to the audience, but they more than made up for that with a fantastic set filled with excellent musicianship and some cracking tunes. Unusually they seemed to grow as a band when their vocalist left the stage; allowing their instruments and samples to shine elevated their 40 minute set into a real ‘hands in the air’ experience.

Last Friday they released their latest single, Moving as One, and it’s an absolute tune. As soon as the drums kick in you feel positively tribal; the chanting vocals only ramp up the primitive emotional response it engenders. It feels like a mating ritual has been set to music; a raw explosion of passion, lust and joy played out over five minutes, including a spectacular 2 minute outro.

There’s something a little 80’s about the horns and the staccato guitars feel like they’ve been borrowed from someone else’s art-pop. But that’s what I liked about LOYAL as a live band; there are plenty of layers that span different genres and enough musical ability to bring it together seamlessly.

You can follow Loyal here and let me know what you think of Moving as One (






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