Track of the Day: Harlea – You Don’t Get It


Harlea – You Don’t Get It 

Gig-buddy Matt is very fond of the blend of female voices and guitars. And he’s in luck, because over the past couple of years, excellent bands like Estrons and Wolf Alice have led a bit of a revolution in the UK music scene; rock and roll is no longer monopolized by male front-men.

Harlea’s debut single last year passed me by, but her second single is You Don’t Get It. With a sturdy blues rock base, it adds in a splash of rock and roll and a small pinch of pop.

What’s perhaps more notable though is the confidence this track exudes. There’s a confidence in her emotions – no vulnerability here, it’s part sassy but absolutely certain (YOU don’t get it) – but also a confidence in the song-writing. Nothing is too complicated, nothing is messy; it’s exactly as it should be.

For a second single this is hugely impressive. I’m slightly annoyed as it seems she played a gig last week in London and I missed it, but – given she’s based in North London – hopefully there will be other gigs soon.

One to watch closely in 2017, and here’s to more confident female voices in rock.

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