An Introduction

An Introduction

Hi there.

Thank you for visiting the Astral Penguins Blog. This is hopefully the beginning of an exciting and fun journey.

I’ve been thinking about starting a music blog for ages. But I’ve always had a long list of excuses about why it is a bad idea. Now those excuses have run out… and here we are.

This blog will – hopefully – showcase the best music of 2017. It will be eclectic (because my music taste is a little all over the place), driven by emotion (because music should make you feel something) and – again hopefully – fun.

A few other folks should also be contributing to the blog, but for the moment it’ll be me – Mark – highlighting records I love, banging on about gigs I’ve been to and rambling on about other music related stuff as well.

My next post will be a list of my favourite 50 songs of 2016 to give you an idea of my taste, and then I’ll be posting my record of the week. Every Sunday I’ll be publishing the A List –  my favourite 10 records of the moment – and every Monday I’ll be posting a list of new tracks to help soundtrack your week.

I hope you enjoy the Astral Penguins Blog and that it helps you find stuff you wouldn’t otherwise have listened to. Likewise, if there’s anything you think I should be listening to, drop me a line (

Until next time,



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